Do you know Conan Keough?

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I was searching for information on a weird error message one of my colleagues was seeing at a customer. The message was

the certificate table does not contain enough valid certificates to verify the public key of its own
So I looked in the IBM Support Portal and got this response:



Of course I also searched English documents, but I did not get any usable results.

So if anybody has seen this error message or knows what causes it, please let me know. Thanks!


For real men

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Ad Placement Win

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Breakcore Kid

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This is my new ground-air transportation carplane

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Take a look at the PAL V as this seems to be a cool vehicle....
(thanks Frank Zapf)


What's wrong with these pictures?

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Both pictures belong to the same database. Makes me wonder...

database properties: created 05.12.2006

replication history: last replication 22.12.1986

(Thanks, Stefan)


Damit es besser flutscht!

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Wachsen Sie Ihr Geschaeft mit IBM Software

Vielleicht hätte ich doch den englischen IBM Business Partner Newsletter bestellen sollen...


The W-Word?

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When I started the 8.0.2 client on a colleague's machine after installing it on top of an old version 7 data directory the basic client like IM contact list was displayed with the user logged in to Sametime. The Sametime client in the sidebar, however, said the user was not logged in to Sametime. After specifying the connection data again I saw this message in the status bar which made me giggle:

You cannot use IBM Workplace instant messaging because Notes is already logged on to the IBM Lotus Sametime server.


The 10 Most Important Things To Know

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... according to Google. I might at least have chosen a different order

Google suggestions for how to




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