Lotusphere 2012 Mobile Agenda Access

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Only a few days left until our annual trip to Orlando for Lotusphere 2012. This year might be the first I don't bring my laptop and rely on mobile devices only. One of the most important things I am doing while at the conference is checking my schedule and the slides of sessions I am considering to attend. Fortunately there are multiple ways to access the schedule. Apart from the standard "Social Business Online" website there's the mobile and mobile lite version.

As always there's Ben's LS Agenda Database which is also available for BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad (thanks to the kind folks of Turtle Partnership).

The official "Social Business Online 2012 Mobile Agenda" is available for iPhone, Android and also for BlackBerry.

Update 2012-01-09

There's also an Android version of Ben's LS Agenda Database. Also another version for iOS and Playbook has been announced by FlexDomino.net.

Update 2012-01-11

For Android, there's also the Lotusphere 2012 Scheduler (thanks, Jo).




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