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New beta of agentEZ

Tags: Tools
A new beta (beta 2) of agentEZ and aclEZ is available for testing and download. As we are happy users of scanEZ and all the other Ytria tools, I started to play with agentEZ today, and I'm impressed.


Gravatar Image1 - Whenever I try to load this page ( { Link } ) into Internet Explorer 7, it locks up the browser window due to a processor loop of some sort (uses 50% CPU cycles in my dual-core system) and has tp be cancelled via Windows Task Manager. I had to use Firefox to view it with such a problem. Also, the page doesn't render properly under IE7, the graphics in the right-hand column partially overlay the centre column.) Is it something in the design of DomBlog.nsf which causes looping in this particular page (other pages display in IE7 without this problem).

Cheers, Tony Austin.
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