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Lotusphere's over :-(

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Lotusphere 2005

This year's Lotusphere has once again been well worth visiting. More than last year "the direction is clear" as Ambuj Goyal stated.

Notes and Domino are an integral part of the Workplace architecture and our customer's investments in Notes and Domino applications are protected. Even more these applications can be leveraged and extended to become part of Workplace solutions. Five days were packed with so many interesting stories we had to split to see everything we wanted to. ND7 is feature complete and beta 3 has been released last week. IBM Workplace Services Express looks like a good reply to MS Sharepoint and the Notes plugin for Eclipse is not far away.

The Activity Explorer looks very promising, I can't wait to get my hands on it. It would be just so great to be able to organize ALL information and data related to an activity in one tool!

Overall it's been a great Lotusphere, many good news to take home an tell our customers - which we will do in our Lotusphere Comes to You" event on February 15.

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