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Do you know Conan Keough?

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I was searching for information on a weird error message one of my colleagues was seeing at a customer. The message was

the certificate table does not contain enough valid certificates to verify the public key of its own
So I looked in the IBM Support Portal and got this response:



Of course I also searched English documents, but I did not get any usable results.

So if anybody has seen this error message or knows what causes it, please let me know. Thanks!


Gravatar Image1 - Did the error appear trying to make a local replica of a db ?

Gravatar Image2 - Hi Roberto,
Thx for answering. I'm the colleague from Jens who was asked for that - let's say - 'strange' message.

The issue was reported from an user (located in US) who was trying to open a database on a german Server.
(that's it - so far I know).The colleague (he is a member of the staff from the Client) who is the owner of that issue/Problem told me beside, that this behavior sometimes also comes up when he did a recertification of the user.

may you got an idea ? Emoticon

looking forward for an answer
Thx in advance


Gravatar Image3 - Hi all,
this issue was reported from a Client.

The affected user (US) was trying to open a database located on a german Server. Doing so - the reported Messages appears.
(Another colleague told me that this Messages also sometimes appears when a recertification is done)

That's it - what I know about so far.

Any idea ???

Thx in advance

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